It is what it is...
Single used and customized for live performances of singer/songwriter.

Cultuurnacht Almere - Cultural Night Almere
Annual sign representing the cultural season kick off of Almere City.

Stage Lightbox Puha TV
Dj/vj consortium clubnights.

Holland Sport logo, VPRO
Tv sports show with its own unique presentation style. Holland Sport.
Added to Dutch Design Database (2010, Graphic Design Museum Breda)

De Copas - Chilean Wine Importers
Brand dedicated to introduce wine lovers in The Netherlands to Chilean wines.

RsHotels Barcelona
Real Simple Hotel Syndication.

Beluga Recordings
Experimental Audio Netlabel

RGB Security
Video surveillance. Artist in Residence Medialab HML Queens, CAN.

European Design Awards - Concept & design Kunstuitleen Utrecht Identity
Awarded with a Merit, Athens 2007. Image from EdAwards catalogue, isbn 978-90-6369-170-7

Loteq (motion graphic still)
Loteq Acoustic Dance band / vj-Project

Utrecht CS - Creative City
Gateway, watering the creative fields of the city of Utrecht

De Trim Salon (The Groomer)
Film & TV Editing Amsterdam

Vrije Geluiden - VPRO TV
Logo and typographic leader music program Dutch television.

Electric Puha Sound System, 1997 - 2008
Published in ( catalogue.

Identity Provinciale Kunstuitleen Utrecht (Provincial Art Library Utrecht)

Puha TV
Dj / vj consortium. Adopted by Dutch Design Database (Graphic Design Museum Breda)

Blinker's B
Blinkers TV, arts & culture show. Meer TV Utrecht.

Acoustic Dance Consortium

Mental Fitness - illustration / sign Homeless People magazine 'Straatnieuws'
Anker & Strijbos

Bullfrog (USA) Sign
Popstage Poster & Flyer

Coƶperatie de Oorsprong (Co-op Origin)
'C' of Co-op and 'O' of Oorsprong melted together into an infinite sign.

PuntKomma magazine - Slachtofferhulp Nederland
'Semicolon' mag Victim's Care The Netherlands.

Black Gold 360 (3LACK60LD)
Dirty Electronic Jazz

Pilletje, 1996
Transformed 'Bolletje' (traditional dutch biscuits).

Klootzak '95